2.450 meters over the sea level – Pontechianale – Valle Varaita - WEST side of MonViso
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From the “casotto” big home for alpinistique us, to the Shelter...

History of the Shelter Vallanta

The first Shelter built by the “CAI MONVISO” section was the city of Saluzzo in 1935. Right during a meeting that took place in May 22nd 1935 that President Bressy was showing the project to build a shelter at the Valley of Vallanta in high Varaita Valley.

Since the idea appealed to the Mayor, Carlo Del Carretto obtained also financial income.

The Shelter was presented and opened in the summer of 1935, but had a short life due the destruction caused by the avalanche the following spring.

Il rifugio inaugurato nell’estate del 1935 ebbe però vita breve andando distrutto da una slavina nella primavera successiva.

Only in 1940 “the city of Saluzzo” was rebuilt where now the “Gagliardone” is situated, and as back then in 1944, another avalanche swept the second floor away.

Finally in 1945, with a new restore of the building , the Shelter was opened with a new name in memory of the famous Alpinist of Saluzzo so called Giuseppe Gargliardone who died on the south wave of the Anquille Noir de Peutérey on July 6th1947.

Of course with the increase of Alpinist and excursionists walking through the Valley of Vallanta, a new and up to date shelter was projected, by Cai Monviso of Saluzzo.

How a shelter is built...

The first need was to have an electric source placed where the shelter was projected, in order to guarantee electric energy to enable the construction of anything. That is how the Hydroelectric Central source was projected.

Through out a detailed restoration of parts of an old one and with the rebuilding of new parts, we began to create the new shelter of Vallanta.

The first work started in 1974 with the installation of the Hydroelectric Central and then inaugurated ’78; the construction of the shelter took place in the same year.

After long studies the surveyor Marchisio found the area where to build and along with two young architects Bellezza and Momo of Turin, the basic lines of the new construction were drawn.

The project becomes complicated due to the mediation between the different aspects and parties involved: from the place, from the contest, the technologies used, from the outsourcing and from the variety of operational needs. The application was handed to the city hall and obtained the building design in Spring 1977.

A unique shelter will take placeMarticulated with a right triangle base, lightly flapped on the hypotenuse side, covered with a single flapped roof sloping south. The principle board is at the entrance, internal and external stair, and on the roof with the presence of two roofs corresponding the two floors of beds...”

This brief description is stretched from the architects’ relation as well. These architects according to most of the people, have greatly fulfilled what was considered only a dream until then. The structure is in fact very good, useful and well placed in the environment, its figure represents the form of the imposing surrounding mountains.

The newest version of “Shelter Vallanta” took place on September 25 1988, this has been possible grace to the work and cooperation of many volunteers to whom all the benefit goes and who received great opinion for its result.

Some parts have been stretched from the book “Vallanta come nasce un rifugio” Cai Monviso Saluzzo and from “Cai Monviso 1905- 2005”).

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